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The Pennsylvania-German Society

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The Pennsylvania-German Society is an organization founded in 1891 for the purpose of studying and preserving the history of the Pennsylvania German people. Their biannual journals and newsletters were published into annual volumes and contain illustrations, portraits, minutes of their meetings in which papers were read discussing the culture, history, dialect, and people.

  • Volume 1 [Link] 1891- Pennsylvania Germans in Church and State, Old Days, General knowledge, Society Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, meetings, etc.

  • Volume 2 [Link] 1892 - Early literature of the PA Germans, true heroes of Provincial Pennsylvania, The PA German's place in history, Obituary notices

  • Volume 3 [Link] 1893 - Pennsylvania Germans at the Battle of Long Island and other history

  • Volume 4 [Link] 1894 - German Moravian Settlements in PA 1735-1800, PA German Day at the Pennsylvania Chautauqua, Education positions of PA Germans, Ancestral virtues of the PA Germans, Biographical sketches, Births & Baptisms of Trinity Lutheran Church and First Reformed Church of Lancaster

  • Volume 5 [Link] 1895 - Biographical Sketches, Births & Baptisms of Trinity Lutheran Church and First Reformed Church of Lancaster continued

  • Volume 6 [Link] 1896 - Biographical Sketches, Births & Baptisms of Trinity Lutheran Church of Lancaster continued

  • Volume 7 [Link] 1897 - Biographical Sketches, Records of St. Michaelis and Zion Congregation of Philadelphia

  • Volume 8 [Link] 1898 - Church Register of the United Reformed and Lutheran Church, Called Bliymers, in Hopewell Township, York County, PA, including births and baptisms from 1766-1834, Communicants from 1813-1831, Records of St. Michaelis and Zion Congregation of Philadelphia, continued.

  • Volume 9 [Link] 1899 - Obituary Sketches, The Settlement of Germantown, The German Emigration from New York into Pennsylvania, Records of St. Michaelis and Zion Congregation of Philadelphia, continued.

  • Volume 10 Part 1 [Link] Obituaries, The first German newspaper, Pennsylvania-German Literature.

  • Volume 10 Part 2 [Link] Redemption of Redemptioners or Indentured Servants, Humanity of Christopher Saur, Death rate among immigrants, William Penn's terms/conditions, Index, Genealogies.

  • Volume 11 [Link] Sketch of the First Reformed Church of Easton, Memorium.

  • Volume 12 [Link] Biographical sketches, Memorium.

  • Volume 13 [Link] Memorium, The Schwenkfelders in Pennsylvania, American History from German Archives with German Soldiers in the Revolution, the Picturesque Quality of the Pennsylvania German.

  • Volume 14 [Link] Lebanon and its environs, Obituaries, Daniel Falckner's book that stimulated the great German Emigration to Pennsylvania, Records of marriages in St. Michaelis and Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Philadelphia.

  • Volume 15 Part 1 [Link] Obituaries, The German Influence in its Settlement and Development, The Pennsylvania German in the French and Indian War, Frederick Great and the U.S., Old Historic Germantown.

  • Volume 15 Part 2 [Link] Fort Henry, The Gap in the Blue Mountains, In Old Northampton, Franklin's account of the building of Fort Allen, Some Arndt (Orndt) Family Data, Fort Norris, Journal kept by John Van Etten 1757, Dupui's Fort, Colonel Bouquet and the Royal Americans, General Forbes Expedition against Fort Duquesne, Peace conferences with the Indians, The Paxtang Boys, Frederick the Great in the United States, Old Historic Germantown, Colonial mansions and houses, The first mills, Old time inns and taverns, Schools and educational institutes, Early churches, Early transportation.

  • Volume 16 [Link] Obituaries, The Wreck of the Ship New Era on the New Jersey coast, Governor Joseph Heister and his genealogies, Record of indentures and servants.

  • Volume 17 [Link] Obituaries, The PA German in the Revolutionary War, Gun makers of Old Northampton, Illustration including Battle of Monmouth, Gen. Daniel Morgan, Memorium.

  • Volume 18 [Link] Historical papers, Obituaries, Diary of a voyage from Rotterdam to Philadelphia in 1728, Church Records of the Williams Township Congregation.

  • Volume 19 [Link] Pennsylvania - The German Influence in its settlement and development, An account of the manners of the German inhabitants of Pennsylvania, Early German American Newspapers.

  • Volume 20 [Link] Biographical sketches of deceased members, The Lutheran Church in New Hanover (Montgomery County),

  • Volume 21 [Link] Obituaries, The German influence in Pennsylvania's settlement, A Unique Manuscript by Rev. Peter Miller, The Wayside Inns on the Lancaster Roadside between Philadelphia and Lancaster, Guide to the Old Moravian Cemetery in Bethlehem, Pa. including names by section and row, complete with age, dates, parents, family, and other biographical information.

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  • Visit the Pennsylvania German Society's website at for more information about their current publications and news.

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