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The Strong-Dickinson connection

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

My research has revealed that I am a 10th great-granddaughter of Elder John Strong. He was born in Chard, Somerset, England, and married Margerie Dean. He sailed to America on the ship Mary and John, with the Winthrop Fleet, arriving in Nantasket, near Boston, on May 30, 1630. His wife died during the voyage or upon arrival. Their infant daughter died two months later. It wasn't an easy start in America, but he endured on, settling in Dorchester, where he married Abigail Ford. They left Dorchester in 1635 and moved to Hingham, Massachusetts. He took the Freeman's Oath in Boston in March of 1636, and in December of 1638, was made a freeman of Plymouth Colony, where he was deputy of the General Court in 1641, 1643, and 1644. Their descendants are numerous.

The following illustration shows the relationship of our Dickinson family to Elder John Strong.


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