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The Time Deductor

Introducing The Time Deductor! Sorry, it's not a time machine and can't take years of your age, but it can help with some tricky math, which is why I created it!

How many times have you come across a record that gives a persons age on a given date, but doesn't give their birth date? This is the case with census records, some tombstones, cemetery indexes, and other records I've come across. Usually it's easy enough to calculate the birth date but I took on the challenge of creating a form to do the math anyway! It's a great way to double check for errors, especially when dealing with complicated dates, leap years, etc.

First, enter the "end" date and year. Then enter the number of years, months, and days to deduct and click Calculate. The Time Deductor will then calculate the original date for you.

You can access the Time Deductor from the Tools menu at the top of the page or click here to give it a try! Note: The information you enter is not saved or recorded. It is brought to you compliments of MyGenealogyAddiction simply for your convenience and entertainment. Enjoy!


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