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The Treat Family and the Pitminster Church, England

Shown here is the Church of St Andrew and St Mary, an ancient church still standing today, in Pitminster (Diocese of Bath and Wells, Church of England), County of Somerset, England. Ceremonies performed here marked life's major milestones for at least two or three generations of my ancestry. The present church shown below, was built on the site of an old Saxon church more than seven centuries ago. While parts have since been rebuilt and added, the tower and part of the nave are over 700 years old. The effigy tombs of the Colles family, lords of the manor in the 1500s and 1600s, are still displayed inside.

In this church, my 10th great-grandmother, Susanna (Treat) Webster, was baptized on October 8, 1629. Susanna came to America with her parents about 1637 and married Robert Webster, son of Gov. John Webster, on Nov. 10, 1653.

Susanna's father, Richard Treat, was baptized at Pitminster, too, on August 28, 1584. He was also married to Alice Gaylord there, on April 27, 1615. Alice, too, had been baptized here, on May 10, 1594. Furthermore, Richard's father, Robert Treat, was born in Pitminster, and may have been baptized here as well. There may have even been other ancestors who were baptized, married, or buried here as well. Stay tuned for future updates or share your own discoveries about people and records associated with this church and town in the comments below! (Keep scrolling for a tour!)

The Church of St Andrew & St Mary, Pitminster, England
The Church of St Andrew & St Mary, Pitminster, England

Have a look around the Churchyard and Cemetery with this interactive Google image:

Side view:

Or take a walk around the village! Click or tap the white arrows to navigate.


  • Pitminster church history [Link]

  • Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary, Historic England [Link]

  • The Treat family: a genealogy of Trott, Tratt, and Treat for fifteen generations, and four hundred and fifty years in England and America, containing more than fifteen hundred families in America, by John Harvey Treat, 1893. [Link]

My family's line of descent from Richard Treat is as follows:

Richard Treat (1584-1670) -

Susanna (Treat) Webster (1629-1705) -

Elizabeth (Webster) Seymour (1673-1754) -

John Seymour III (1694-1758) -

Lucretia (Seymour) Ensign (1730-1814) married Datus Ensign Sr (1729-1787) -

Datus Ensign Jr (1752-1832) -

Royal Ensign (1792-1868) -

Esther A. (Ensign) Shirley (1826-1861) -

Royal J. Shirley (1851-1928) -

Gertrude (Shirley) Harvey (1878-1937) -

Mary E. (Harvey) Reese (1910-1930) -

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