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Three Bear Inn

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Having commuted the long trip from New Jersey to upstate New York more times than I'd like to know, this sign is a familiar and welcome sight to see. Traveling north on I-81, you see the sign at New Milford, Pennsylvania, marking 50 miles to the historic Three Bear Inn in Marathon, New York.

Marathon is 17 miles from Cortland, near the center of the state of New York. Marathon was formed from Cincinnatus in April of 1818. It had originally been called "Harrison", but when it was discovered that there was another town in New York by that name, the name was changed.

The Three Bear Inn has accommodated travelers since 1799 when Abram Brink built a log cabin at the location. In 1820 he built "Brink's Tavern", which he operated until his death four years later. The restaurant and motel is still operating today and is reasonably priced and conveniently located right off Route 81 (exit 9) at the corner of Routes 11 & 221.

The Hollenbeck family were early settlers in Marathon and nearby Willet. See the Hollenbeck page for more information.



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