Thurston Genealogies (and lots more)

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Thurston Genealogies, written by Brown Thuston of Portland, Maine, in 1892, gives not just a wealth of information about the Thurston family, but also a great deal of information about hundreds of New England families. Other pedigrees found in the book are Bacon, Barnes, Boyden, Brown, Chapin, Chapman, Chute, Clark, Elliott, Emerson, Grosvenor, Jefferay, Jewell, Leland, Mitchell, Mosbaugh, Newell, Parish, Peabody, Pearson, Reed, Richardson, Rogers, Spofford, Smith, Standish, Tillson, and Webster.

To give you an example, while I have no known Thurston ancestors, at least five of these other names are found in my pedigree: Brown, Pearson, Rogers, Smith, and Newell.

More names are found in the index on page 672. Take a look and see if your ancestors are chronicled in Thurston's Genealogies:

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