Trip to England 1937 (autographs)

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Rose Dickinson, took a trip to England in 1937, to visit her cousins in Dewsbury. Rose's autograph book was preserved and shared by her niece, Margaret (Lindsey) Quick.


  • G.H. Hill and Caroline Hill, 2 Moorland Avenue, Dewsbury.

  • Pleasant voyage and happy landing. Mary A. Dickinson (Molly), Greylyn, Dewsbury.

  • E.C. Luzney, New Zealand, 29/8/37

  • Annie Croft, Here's to the Next time. Dewsbury 1937. Woodside, Northfield Place, Dewsbury.

  • W.H. Croft "Billy" We have sure had a real time.

  • W. J. Dickinson "John"

  • All the best from Margaret Chadwick.

  • Love and Sweet Remembrance, Nellie Firth.

  • Anne Fozzard, 39 Shepley St., East Moor Estate, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Eng.

  • Think of me when you are lonely. Think of me when you are not. In the depths of your affection, think of me. Forget me not. Herbert Firth. 8 Park Croft, Boothroyd, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

  • May your days never be less happy than those you have spent in Dewsbury! Nellie Dickinson, Greylyn, Brunswick Street, Dewsbury.

If you haven't seen the old films from this or other trips, you can see them here.

For more about the Dickinsons see the Dickinson page.

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