Underhill Genealogy (4 Volumes)

Underhill Genealogy, by Josephine C. Frost, contains a thorough and valuable family history, published by Myron C. Taylor, "in the interests of The Underhill Society in America", 1932. This resource is packed full of information about the family, as well as many excellent photos and illustrations.

~ Volume 1 ~ Volume 2 ~ Volume 3 ~ Volume 4 ~

Volumes 5-8 are not available online at this time. They can be found on eBay or Amazon, perhaps.

"Portrait of John Underhill of Warwickshire, son of Thomas of Barton on the Heath and brother of Sir Edward Underhill of Eatington. He, John, went to New England with Governor Winthrop to train the people in military discipline and was appointed Captain in command of the New England detachment by Sir Henry Vane. He was made Governor of Dover in Piscataqua. He died at Killingworth, 1642."

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