Upper Lisle Cemetery in Triangle, New York

Upper Lisle Cemetery is located on Route 26 in the Town of Triangle, between the village of Whitney Point and the hamlet of Upper Lisle in Broome County, central New York. In the map shown here, the town of Triangle's boundaries are marked in red. The red "X" marks the location of the cemetery.

Upper Lisle Cemetery in Triangle, NY

The cemetery is located at 42.393567, -75.958944. You can browse or search the cemetery's index of burials at Findagrave.

Upper Lisle Cemetery and Baptist Church

The historic "Upper Lisle Baptist Church" is shown here, as seen in May 2019:

Upper Lisle Baptist Church

In the book "History of Cortland County", on page 366, the author explains the following about Rev. John Lawton, a pioneer preacher:

"He was a pastor of a Baptist Church organized at Upper Lisle in 1804. Two brothers named Aschel and Levi Holcomb were at different subsequent years pastors of that church, and both of them occasionally preached in Marathon and adjoining towns. A few of the first settlers were members of a Baptist church before their arrival here; they joined the church at Upper Lisle, or "Otselic," as it was then called. "

This interactive map shows the location of the church and cemetery, located along the edge of the Whitney Point Reservoir.

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