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Williams Huntley (1755-1842)

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Williams Huntley was my 5th great-grandfather on my father's side. From his descendant, Virgil Huntley's 1978 book, we learn a wealth of information about his life and ancestry.

Williams was born in Lyme, Connecticut, on February 15, 1755, the son of John Huntley and Lois Beckwith. He married a woman by the name of Hannah, "probably in Charlotte Pct., Dutchess county, New York". Hannah was born May 10, 1761, and died on March 5, 1827, according to the Family Bible.

Williams served in the American Revolution in Col. Peter Van Ness' 9th New York Regiment of the Militia from Albany, New York, and in the Commissary Dept. in 1781. He was counted on the census of 1790 and 1800, living in Hillsdale, Columbia county, New York, listed as William Huntley.

He was an early settler of Marathon, Cortland County, New York, where he was a blacksmith. Williams Huntley bought land in Cortland County from Ezekiel and Katherine Scott of Avon, Ontario County, New York, on March 20, 1811 [Cortland Co., N.Y. B:486]. He later deeded land to their son, Joseph, in the town of Cincinnatus on June 2, 1815 [Cortland Co., N.Y. U:493]. He died in Marathon, Cortland County, New York, on February 2 (or 22), 1842.

Williams was the father of Joanna Huntley, wife of Peter Shevalier.

Source: John Huntley, immigrant of Boston & Roxbury, Massachusetts and Lyme, Connecticut, 1647-1977, and some of his descendants, by Virgil W. Huntley, 1978, p. 160-161.


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