Sun., 10/26 Lazy Sunday. Went to church to hear one of the teachers speak of her work in France with the Y.M.C.A.* and the 54 Pioneer Co. Also called at the other church. (*See Appendix H).

Mon., 10/27 Early in town today to shop and carelessly strolled along Broad Street watching the many different people wandering about their aversions. Looked through the stores but only bought a box of candy. Finished the afternoon at Newark. Ed and Olive dropped in this evening to see if I had rented my spare room.

(Appendix H) Y.M.C.A. – Founded in 1844, the Young Men’s Christian Association was created in England, a place for men to gather to study scriptures and a pray together. In 1851, the first Y.M.C.A. in America was started in Boston. It was dedicated to the improving the community through a variety of programs offering lodging, assistance in finding employment, adult education, and more.

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