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Leonard households in NY 1820

Only the head of household was named on the 1820 U.S. Federal Census. The list below, contains all the Leonard households found in New York on the census in 1820. You can also use this tool to narrow down which Leonard households had a child (male or female) fitting the age of the person you are looking for. Start by choosing the gender of the person. Then, choose the age group they would appear under in 1820. Results that don't fit your criteria will be eliminated from the results below. Click a name to learn more about the family and to see any other Leonards living in the same town and/or county, if any.

Showing all Leonard households on the census in New York in 1820:

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Statistics & Observations

  • In 1820 there were 180 Leonard households in NY.

  • The total number of people residing in Leonard households in NY in 1820 was 1,116.

  • Of these, 209 were employed in agriculture, 58 were reportedly employed in manufacturing, and 8 were employed in commerce.

  • Twelve of the 1,116 occupants of Leonard households in NY were aliens, not naturalized.

  • Two of the 180 Leonard households contained two slaves each.

  • 33% of the occupants of Leonard homes in NY in 1820 were under the age of 10 and 10% were over age 45.

  • Henry and Samuel were the most common names among Leonard heads of households in New York in 1820.

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