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Annie (Robinson) Dickinson (1870-1913)

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Annie (Robinson) Dickinson died at the age of 42 in May of 1913 and was buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Newark, just a few blocks from where her husband and children lived at the time. No stone has been found for her there.

This map illustrates how close the cemetery was to their home on South 7th Street.

Newark, New Jersey

This gigantic map hangs on the wall in the office. The cemetery's entrance is on the right. The section where Annie is buried is marked at the bottom.

Fairmount Cemetery Map

Annie's burial is shown in the cemetery's burial records as follows. I was told this was all the information they have:

Burial Register Fairmount Cemetery

Notice, her daughter, Lucy, is the sixth entry below hers. Lucy died at the age of seven, just three years after her mother's death. Her name is incorrectly written "Dickerson" in the burial register, with the burial date Aug. 13, 1916. In the Family Bible, Lucy's death is recorded on the "Deaths" page as "Lucy Ellen Dickinson Aug. 12, 1916."

Locating Annie's burial place proved to be difficult and despite walking the entire area, no stone bearing her name was found. Some stones have been swallowed up by the earth , however, so it is possible there is a stone there.

This is believed to be the section where Annie was laid to rest:

More photos of Fairmount Cemetery are shown here:

Another stone bearing Annie's name was placed by the side of her husband's grave, Harry Dickinson, at Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Blairstown, New Jersey. He died in 1935.

Annie Robinson Dickinson (Cedar Ridge Cemetery, Blairstown, NJ)

Annie Robinson Dickinson

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