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Benjamin Stanton's will

Benjamin Stanton was my 6th Great-Grandfather on the Harvey branch of my family tree. He was a soldier of the American Revolution and father of at least a dozen children.

Benjamin's will is indexed as follows:

Cayuga County Wills, film 007815161 p592 of 678 on FamilySearch

At the time of his death, which occurred on May 10, 1838, he was living at Moravia, New York. We know he was born about 1754 and his will was written in 1837, when he was about 83 years old. He died the following year, in 1838, at the age of approximately 84. Only eight of his known children are mention in his will. They were: daughters, Hannah, Sarah, Frances Stanton and Mary Parks, sons, Joseph, Rufus, and Benjamin (Jr) Stanton, and another married daughter, Betsey Sherley, is also mentioned separately.

My family descends from Benjamin's daughter Parthenia Stanton, who married Bradford Shirley. Her connection to the Stantons was made when she was named in other Stanton wills of which she was an heir. Later, when her mother filed for Benjamin's pension, she listed Parthenia as a daughter, validating my suspicions. This leaves one question - why is she not named in Benjamin's will? Perhaps her middle name was Elizabeth and thus the nickname Betsey was given? Or was this referring to his daughter, Elizabeth, who was born in 1791? Anyone with information or insight, please comment below. Also, if you are able to obtain a copy of the will, please share on the Harvey message board!


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