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Capt. John Underhill and the Underhill Burying Ground

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The Underhill Family Burying Ground, located in the Village of Lattingtown, in Oyster Bay, Nassau County, New York, began on land deeded to Capt. John Underhill in 1667 and is still in operation today. There are approximately 300 graves and a monument featuring the relief of Capt. John Underhill, shown above. The memorial was dedicated in a formal ceremony attended by President Teddy Roosevelt on July 11, 1908. In a speech, the President described the Underhill family as model citizens, calling Underhill "a good soldier and a good citizen".

The entrance to the cemetery is off Factory Pond Road in Mill Neck but the cemetery is in Lattingtown. Coordinates 40°53′25″N 73°34′24″W.

The bust of Capt. John Underhill from a sculpture in the Underhill Burying Ground. (Image by Idoysterbay released in the public domain.)


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