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Daniel Tourneur in Harlem's first militia

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

For the early settlers of modern day Harlem, guarding the settlement wasn't easy. Indian raids were devastating and newly arriving intruders were kept at a distance. According to "New Harlem past and present", the authorities commanded that no strangers were permitted to cross the ferry at New Harlem. This photograph of the first ferry, which was very close to Daniel Tourneur's home, was taken around 1903.

In order to secure the settlement, the Governor, Anthony Colve, successor of Nicholls, ordered the men of New Harlem to organize a militia in 1673. The roster, containing 24 courageous and honorable men, follows:

Company 1

Jan Nagel, Corporal

Joost van Oblinus, Private

Jean Delamater, Private

Jean le Roy, Private

Robert Hollis, Private

Company 2

Simeon Cornier, Corporal

Lubbert Gerritsen, Private

Samuel Pell, Private

Jacque el Roe, Private

Baren Waldron, Private

Samuel Demarest, Private

Company 3

Jan Dyckman, Corporal

Arent Harmanse Bussing, Private

David Demarest Jr, Private

Jan Tinker, Private

Conradus Hendrickson, Private

Cornelis Theunissens, Private

Company 4

Adolph Meyer, Corporal

Laurens Matthyssen, Private

David Demarest, Private

Jochem Engelbert, Private

Meyndert Journeed, Private


  • New Harlem past and present; the story of an amazing civic wrong, now at last to be righted, by Carl H. Pierce, W.P. Toler, and H.D. Nutting, 1903.


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