Daniel Tourneur in New Amsterdam

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

When Daniel Tourneur came to America, he settled first at Midwout, the Flatbush section. He then moved to New Amsterdam, the southern end of Manhattan, in the Colony of New Netherland.

A colorful book called "The Legend of New Amsterdam", written and wonderfully illustrated by Peter Spier, 1979, tells the story of the city.

According to Spier, in 1660 New Amsterdam already had nearly 1,500 occupants and 300 buildings. A map in the back of the book shows the layout of the settlement and the names and locations of the settlers' homes, including Daniel Tourneur's. It offers a rare glimpse into what life was like on the island in those days - far different from the Manhattan we know today.

A revised copy of the map is shared here to share with descendants of Daniel Tourneur, who may be interested. (His home is marked with a circle):

This book appears to be out of print, but a few rare copies can still be found on Amazon. You can also borrow the book for free at Archive.org if it is available, here.

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