Deckertown, Sussex, New Jersey

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

The following excerpts pertain to the early history of Sussex, New Jersey, formerly called Deckertown.

For the written history, see Historic Homes and Institutions and genealogical and family history of New York, Vol. 4, by William S. Pelletreau, on pages 282-294. Click here to read at (free). This source contains biographies and genealogies of Johanes De Decker, David D. Decker, Raymond Decker, John L. Decker, Sylvanus S. Decker, Samuel Decker, Sherman Decker, James H. Decker, Ephraim P. Decker, Oscar L. Decker, and Robert Decker.

Map found at (Griffin Morgan Hopkins, Jr. Map of Sussex Co. 1860):

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