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The Maternal ancestry of Lieutenant Robert Feake

While combing through and indexing the many volumes of The American Genealogist (coming soon), I came across valuable information about the family of one of my ancestors. It was found in The American Genealogist 1939-10: Vol 16 Iss 2, p. 95-101, and is titled "The Thomas Family of London, England", by Clarence Almon Torrey, Ph.B., of Dorchester, Massachusetts. It contains the maternal ancestry of Lieut. Robert Feake, my maternal 11th great-grandfather in the Decker line, who came to America with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630.

In it, we learn about the ancestry of Robert's mother, Judith Thomas. She was a daughter of Robert Thomas, a draper, of London, England. Robert Thomas was "a man of very great wealth for the time in which he lived and that his first wife, Judith's mother, was Judith Fisher, daughter of William Fisher". It is also noted that "Robert Thomas secured his freedom Apr. 12, 1568, from which it appears that he was born about 1547". He died June 8, 1610 and was buried June 26th.

Judith Thomas married James Feake on Jan. 29, 1592. She was buried March 6, 1588/9. Read more in pages 95-101, below: [Alternate link]


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