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The Death of Charles G. Decker (1862-1909)

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

When I started researching the father of my great-grandfather, the only record that had been found was the family on the 1900 census in Warwick, Orange County, New York. Nothing further was known. He wasn't in the home with his wife, Lydia, in 1910. I combed through local newspapers for days until I finally found a tiny announcement in the Warwick Advertiser, June 4, 1909 edition.

Warwick Advertiser, Warwick, New York, June 4, 1909

With this new information, I was full of anticipation expecting it to lead me to the names of his parents. I ordered a copy of his death record from Village of Walden Town Clerk's Office and received it promptly:

To my disappointment, in the space for "Father's Name", we learn that the informant didn't know Charles' father's name. "Chas Decker - unknown" is written, leaving us only with the chance that his father's name was also Charles Decker.

According to the death certificate, Charles was buried in Walden. I found only two cemeteries in Walden. One is the Wallkill Valley Cemetery. A search on Findagrave for Charles Decker buried there produced four results, none who died in 1909, however. They are:

  • Charles C. Decker (1856-1936) and his wife, Phebe C. Van Sicklin

  • Charles C. Decker (1873-1937) and his wife, Ida May Ells. He was a son of William H. Decker and Deborah Van Sicklen. He had a brother named George W. Decker (1867-1936)

  • Charles E. Decker (1871-1943) and his wives Meta Lorenzen and Minnie Van Houten. He was a son of Williard Decker and had a brother named marian Decker (1872-1937).

  • Charles T. Decker (1918-1974)

The other cemetery in Walden is St. Andrew's Cemetery. No Deckers are buried there however, according to Findagrave.

As for Charles's birth date, I have yet to pinpoint the true date. His obituary states that he was age 43, which would mean he was born about 1866. On the 1900 census, however, "Jul 1863" is given as his birth month and year. The age given on his death record, however, was 47 years, 1 month, and 13 days (from May 20, 1909). If this is correct, he was born April 7, 1862. (Time Deductor)

For more information, see the Decker page.

If you know where Charles G. Decker is buried, or who his parents were, please comment below!

Updated 3/15/2022


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