Dickinson Diaspora

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

This book appears to have the story of our English uncle. The only copy I can find is $67.95, quite a hefty price. Maybe someday....

The Butcher's Children and the Dickinson diaspora: a brief history of a Sheffield family

by Peter Edgar Barker, 2011.

Anyone owning a copy, please share clues!!

A family history written by John Dickinson and Beatrice Polite in 1982 gives the following information, which leads me to believe there is a connection to my Dickinson family from Sheffield:

"This tea pot which houses this family tree write up, belonged to your Great, Great, Great Grandmother, on the Dickinson side. From conversations which were passed down it seems, that this grandmother had a boyfriend, who may have been a seafaring man. He brought her this tea pot from the Orient when she was 18 years and he later became her husband. It is presumed that his family name was Dickinson. They had three sons; John Dickinson, William Dickinson & a third son, who later on embarked to New Zealand or Australia to make his fortune."

Furthermore, Rose Dickinson's autograph book from her 1937 trip to England was signed by several Dickinsons and the signature of one "E.C. Luzney, New Zealand" probably provides a clue, though the connection has yet to be made.



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