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Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Lydia Mayo was the wife of Charles Decker. (They were the parents of Mary ("Delaphina") Decker who married William Henry Dickinson). Lydia was the daughter of Oscar Mayo, the son of Raymond H. Mayo, the son of Ezekiel Mayo. He is said to have been born abt. 1800 (age 50 in 1850 according to census) in New York and moved to Great Bend, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, in 1832. He married Rebecca Hazard.

Perhaps a clue on the ancestry of Ezekiel Mayo, may be in the lineage of one of these Mayos, mentioned in "The Reverend John Mayo, genealogy" from which the excerpts below were taken. This valuable resource explains that "the Mayos in America are divided into three main groups":

  1. Descendants of Rev. John Mayo of Barnstable, Mass. (*The name Ezekiel is common in this line)

  2. Descendants of John Mayo of Roxbury, Mass. (*The name Ezekiel is not found in this line).

  3. Descendants of William and Henry Mayo of England who went to Virginia abt. 1738. (*The name Ezekiel not found in this line).

1. Descendants of Rev. John Mayo of Barnstable, Mass.

In the index of "The Reverend John Mayo, genealogy", there is one Mayo named Ezekiel. He was born abt. 1791, and was the son of Edmund Mayo (1758- ), who is detailed on p. 102-103, as follows:

Edmund's ancestry is given on page iv.

The entire genealogy can be found here. See also what Wikipedia has to say about him here.

The book entitled "Rev. John Mayo and his descendants", can also be found here".

Centennial History of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, by Rhamanthus M. Stocker, 1887, page 534, gives the following about our Ezekiel Mayo.

2. Descendants of John Mayo of Roxbury, Mass.

"John Mayo of Roxbury, Massachusetts, 1630-1688: A Genealogical and Biographical Record of His Descendants", by Chester G. Mayo, 1966. The book may be found here, although at the time of this post it was "out on (virtual) loan". UPDATE: This source shows no connection to our Mayo line. No men named Ezekiel Mayo are found. See my new blog for details.

John Mayo of Roxbury is also mentioned in "History of the town of Oxford, Massachusetts", by George F. Daniels, 1892 (available here) and summarized here:

3. Descendants of William Mayo

William Mayo's line is mentioned in "Brief sketches of the Randolphs and their connections", by William Edward Railey. This Mayo record contains no men named Ezekiel and is given as follows:

The entire book may be found here but may require Ancestry subscription or you may be able to use HeritageQuest by logging in here using your library card number.

Other Mayo resources are listed in the Genealogies in the Library of Congress: A Bibliography, Volume 2, by Library of Congress, Marion J. Kaminkow, p.208-209, found here,

For more Mayo family history, click here.

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