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Hunts Corners Cemetery in Lapeer, New York (video)

Hunts Corners Cemetery is located in the town of Lapeer, (or Marathon according to Google Maps), on Route 221. It is located near the Hunts Corners Baptist Church. Little can be found about the church and its communicants or whether or not the tiny cemetery was owned by the church.

The church is located on the main road, Route 221, and the cemetery is located adjacent to the church, on Hunts Corners Road. It is a small cemetery semi-sheltered by trees, with about 90 very old graves scattered about. The oldest grave listed on Findagrave is that of John L. Johnson, who died on Oct. 9, 1813, although there are several stones that are weathered to the point they are illegible. There are also some without dates and others with broken or pieces missing.

Family names include Atwood, Baker, Barrows, Beagle, Bliss*, Brown, Bucklen, Butterfield, Clay, Clute, Day, Douset, Ensign, Fitzpatrick, Forshee, Frank, Gates, Griswell, Hammon, Hart, Hartson, Hotaling, Hudson, Johnson, Joyner, Mather, Meffet, Moffatt, Neff, Pollard, Royce, Shirley, Smith, Steele, Talbut, Tracy, and Tryon. Click here to view this cemetery's burials on Findagrave.

Old books are the best place to find information about historic places so I tried a search on, for books containing the phrase "Hunts Corners". One book I found explained why the growth of so many American towns was stunted, information I found worthy of sharing in my previously post blog. Hunts Corners is listed among the examples.

This video was recorded a couple weeks ago, when my sister and I visited the cemetery and a couple other nearby places our relatives lived. For those in our family who descend from Mary (Harvey) Reese Gaul, three of our ancestors are buried here: Royal & Sally Ensign and their daughter, Esther A. Shirley. Esther had a son named Royal J. Shirley who was the father of Gertrude Shirley. Gertrude married Newman Harvey and Mary Harvey was one of their daughters.

Royal and Sally (Rood) Ensign

Esther A. (Ensign) Shirley

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