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Joe Dickinson & Matilda Broadhead marriage

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Joseph Dickinson was a son of William and Ann Dickinson. He was born March 6, 1836, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. This 3rd great-granduncle of mine may have influenced my 3rd great-grandfather (his brother, John Dickinson) to emigrate to America, altering the course of the family's destiny for generations. Joseph and his wife, Matilda, emigrated to America in 1863, and John brought his family in 1880. Both brothers lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the remainder of their lives.

Joseph, or "Joe", as he apparently preferred to be called (based on the correction in the document below), married Matilda Broadhead at Christ Church in Pitsmoor. The marriage occurred on December 28, 1861.

Note: The marriage was witnessed by Edwin Burton and Elizabeth Dickinson. Elizabeth may have been my 3rd great-grandmother, the wife of Joe's brother, John Dickinson. John and Elizabeth had been married five years earlier, in 1856. But there was more than one woman named Elizabeth Dickinson in the area at the time and another interesting find suggests another possibility:

Abraham Dickinson, widower, Clothier of Beeston, son of William Dickinson, Clothier, married Elizabeth Broadhead, Jan. 25, 1847, at Leeds. (Was he born in 1799?). I have yet to research Abraham Dickinson, but I thought it worth mentioning.

Christ Church is an Anglican church north of Sheffield's city center. The rapid growth of Sheffield in the mid-1800s caused a demand for more parishes and, thus, the construction of Christ Church of Pitsmoor began in 1849. It was consecrated in August of 1850. Once a village, today Pitsmoor is a suburb of Sheffield in the Burngreave Ward. Have a look around with the help of this interactive map:

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