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Johannes Dyckman's mother's estate

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

On September 3, 1659, Joannes and his wife, Maria Bosyns, appeared before Johannes La Montagne, Clerk at Fort Orange, with a request. They were giving power of attorney to Cryn Pieterse Van Seventer, to inquire about the estate of Johannes's mother, Aeltie Poulas (Root) Dyckman. Aeltie had died earlier that year, on March 1, 1659. Her husband, Joris Dyckman, had died 16 years prior, in 1643. The request, shown here, is also transcribed below:

"Appeared before me, Johannes La Montagne, by the Heer director general and council of New Netherland, admitted, etc., at the date under-written, in presend of the afternamed witnesses, Mr. Joannes Dyckman, assisted by Maria Bosyns, his wife, who declares that he was appointed and empowered as he by these presents does empower the honorable Cryn Pieterse Van Seventer, bookkeeper of the general privileged West India Company at the Chamber of Amsterdam, in the subscriber's name and for his sake to enquire for and demand all such claims as are due to them by way of the estate left by Aeltien Poulus Root, widow of Joris Dyckman, father and mother of the subscriber and in said enquiry and demand, to act according to law and as though the subscribers were present, promising to hold as good and true all that the attorney in said matter shall do, under a pledge of his person and estate, real and personal.

Thus done in Fort Orange, in New Netherland, in presence of Adriaen Janse Van Leyden and Arent Janse, as witnesses hereto invited, on the 3rd of September, A. D. 1659."

The outcome of this action is unknown at this time. If anyone knows, please comment below or contact me.

Source: Early Records of the City and County of Albany, and colony of Rensselaerswyck, Vol. 1, by Jonathan Pearson, p. 257.


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