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Leonard Data Fragments (Updated)

Updated: May 14, 2019

Assorted Leonard data found in old books:

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  • Capt. Joseph Leonard was the pioneer of Broome valley, having located in the vicinity of Binghamton in 1787.

Early Connecticut Marriages as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800, 4th Book, by :

  • p. 32 - Niclas Williams married Lydia Lonord, Dec. 5, 1720; Isaac Read of Norwich married Abigail Lonord, July 4, 1722.

  • p. 33 - __ Huntington of Norwich married Lydia Lonord, 1725?

  • p. 34 - Ebeneazer Lonerd married Esther Amos, May 6, 1730; Samuel Lonord married Lydia Stanton, Aug. 9, 1733. (Note: Desc. of Solomon of Duxbury)

  • p. 40 - Joseph Prentice Jr. married Abigail Lonord, March 15, 1759; Rufus Herrick married Lydia Lenord, March 3, 1761; John Partridge Jr married Hannah Lenord, May 14, 1761.

  • p. 41 - Josiah Burton married Mary Lenord, April 10, 1765.

  • p. 42 - Daniel Gates married Ziporah Leonard, April 2, 1767.

  • p. 43 - Aaron Baldwin of Canterbury married Mahetabel Leonard, April 11, 1771.

  • p. 44 - Daniel Leonard married Mary Starkweath, October 6, 1774.

  • p. 48 - Jonas Leonard of Worthington, Mass., married Eunice Herrick, May 31, 1781; Daniel Ramon married Lydia Leonard, Jan. 9, 1783.

  • p. 56 - Joseph Leonard married Polly Bliss, Nov. 2, 1796.

  • p. 71 Ellen Rocelia Leonard (1855-1931), daughter of John Leonard and Isabelle Smith of Roxbury, Delaware County, New York, married Julius H. France. John Leonard was a doctor and farmer who moved to Decatur, Oswego County, New York.

  • p. 343 Walter Leonard, son of John B. Leonard and Maggie Shoemaker, was born in Emma, Illinois, on Sept. 27, 1900. He married Ila Mae Durham of whom ten generations of ancestry are given. They had three children: Donna, Dora, and Clayton Forest Leonard.

  • p. 82 Aug. 17, 1715 Charity Leonard, widow; married J. Perkins of Norwich, 1722 (?)

  • p. 90 Jan. 3, 1742 Peggy, (Indian) married Tom (African) 1741, servants of E. Leonard. (Elkanah?)

  • p. 94 Dec. 5, 1742 Margery Leonard, married Ebenezer Briggs of Taunton, '46

  • p. 94 Date unclear 1742 John Leonard Sr. married Abigail bef. 1735, d. abt. 1775

  • p.99 Aug. 23, 1789 Lucy Leonard, widow of Henry, 1st married in 1762 to Samuel Turner, 3rd marries to Mr. Doty of Pratt...died in May of 1835 age 93 d. (?)

  • p. 102 August 23, 1807 Betsey Leonard, w. Nathaniel, married 1788, of. Bryant, fa. 636, d.

  • p. 105 September 6, 1812 ElizabethLeonard married John Weston, son of John & Content...

  • p. 109 Elizabeth Leonard fr. Plym. wife of Ephraim, daughter of Seth and Sarah Warren...

  • p. 111 April 1, 1832 Olivia Leonard married Cephas Thompson...

  • p. 111 May 7, 1837 Sally Leonard, w. Jas., o. Wood, fa. 947, d. Jan. 1846, ae. 43d.

The Nicholas White Family, by Thomas J. Lothrop, 1902, shows that the Leonard and White families are closely intertwined. The index contains well over 200 different Leonards.

  • p. 24 "Capt. Joseph Leonard, born 1751, died 1842; was in the battles of Bunker Hill, Wyoming, and others. For further notice see later pages".

  • p. 39 "All the writers of contemporary history accord the honor of having been the pioneer settler in the vicinity of Binghamton to Captain Joseph Leonard, a patriot of the Revolution..."

  • p. 40 "In Capt. Leonard's family was a son, Amos, who is said to have been the first white child born in this county".

  • p. 53 Miles Leonard erected the fourth Broome County Court house in 1897-98. He was born Dec. 19, 1849, at Nichols, Tioga county, and was a son of Peter Leonard. See bio on p. 925.

Broome County Illustrated, by Bellflower Press, 1895:

  • Capt. Joseph Leonard, p. 13, 18, 39, 40

  • Seth Leonard, p. 23

  • Asa Leonard, p. 24

  • Theodore M. Leonard, p. 28

  • Albert Leonard, p. 74

  • Capt. Joseph Leonard, p. 60, 65 and 184

  • Stephen B. Leonard on page 75

  • p. 198 "The immigrant ancestor of the Leonard family of North Carolina was Valentine Leonhardt", who fought in the Revolutionary War. Read more about his descendant William Leonard whose daughter Margaret married Charles Hunt.

  • p. 218 P.J. Leonard married Carrie Siceloff.

  • p. 225 Sophronia Leonard was the second wife of Daniel Hunt.

  • p. 258-259 Drusilla Leonard married John W. McCrary. She was a daughter of Daniel Leonard and Catherine Wagner and a descendant of Valentine Leonard.

  • p. 306 H. Herbert Stone married Phranie Leonard, daughter of Peter Leonard and descendant of Valentine Leonard who came from Germany in colonial days.

  • p. 75 Ellen Woodward, born June 3, 1844, married Josiah Leonard on June 3, 1866.

  • p. 77 Sophronia Leonard, born Feb. 7, 1829, died Feb. 28, 1910, daughter of Lyman Leonard and Sarah Elliot, married Sylvester Woodward on Nov. 6, 1845. They lived at Taunton.

  • p. 78 Abigail Leonard married Kingman White and their son Willard Horace White married Isabella Julia Woodward.

  • p. 80 Susan Leonard married George Lincoln and their daughter, Luella, married Albert A. Woodward.

  • p. 116 Lotta Leonard was the second wife of Lewis b. Woodward. They had two daughters.

  • p. 140 Elizabeth Leonard of North Bridgewater married John Woodward, Dec. 25, 1855.

  • p. 175 "Samuel Leonard was at one time the largest oil refiner in the country. He established a factory on the north side of Leonard street, east of water, and bought and sold oil in large quantities". Also, Nehemiah Leonard successfully operated a factory near Samuel's. Another passed into the possession of Charles H. Leonard in or before 1855 and until 1869. (See p. 181).

  • p. 240 Nehemiah Leonard was a director of the Merchants and Mechanics bank from 1832 to 1843.

  • p. 247 Nehemiah Leonard and Horatio Leonard are listed among the Trustees of the New Bedford Five Cents Savings Bank, 1855.

  • p. 263 Wood Workers - "The business of Greene and Wood dates back to the town's earlier history, having been originated by Samuel Leonard in the year 1835. He started the lumber business at that time at the bend of Clark's cove...after a few years he built "the present Leonard's wharf on the water front".

  • p. 264 Henry T. Leonard took his father, Samuel Leonard's business over.

  • p. 5 The Cowasselon Tract was purchased from the State in 1797, by Dr. Enoch Leonard. It comprises of twenty-five lots l

  • ying in two tiers in the north part of Fenner between the Chittenango and Cowasselon Creeks. From the fact that the tract is a mile wide it has been called, also, the Mile Strip. This was a cession from the Oneida Reservation."

  • p. 76 (and p. 552) Rev. Joshua Leonard was invited to preach at the first Presbyterian Church at Cazenovia in March, 1799.

  • p. 240 "In March, 1827, Elder Lewis Leonard became pastor and continued eight years until 1835, in which year the church was repaired and improved."

  • p. 357 "(At Brookfield)...the first store was built just previous to the opening of the war of 1812, by Reuben Leonard, founder of Leonardsville, a building that stood for three quarters of a century."

  • p. 361 "Leonardsville, where Reuben Leonard settled before the century opened, and built mills and in every way was conspicuous in aiding the development of this locality..."

  • p. 362 "Mr. Leonard was also a tanner, a distiller, and made crude potash, carrying on a large business for many years until his failure about 1820."

  • p. 363 "Reuben Leonard built the first public house in the village soon after 1800. It was enlarged in 1857 and burned in 1870."

  • p. 97 "Elsie M. Leonard was a daughter by adoption of Ambrose Phelps and wife."

  • p. 119 William C. Sherman married Amanda Leonard, daughter of Abial Leonard who went to Madison County from Mayfield, N.Y., in 1836, settling in Georgetown. He later lived at Lebanon Center where he died. He was a blacksmith by trade. He had a son, Joseph Sherman, with his first wife. With his second wife, Lois Hall, he had others: Amanda, Adeline, Oresta, Emeline, and Mary Sherman.

A Guide to Massachusetts Local History, by Charles Alcott Flagg, 1907:

  • p. 32 Elisha C. Leonard, Dartmouth Genealogies. 4v. M.S. New Bedford Free Public Library also has type written copies in 4 folio v. of 1200 p.

  • p. 37 E.C. Leonard, King Philip's gift to James Leonard. (Old Colony Hist. Soc. Coll. 1889. no. 4. p. 89-95)

  • p. 38 E.C. Leonard, Reminiscences of the ancient iron works and Leonard mansions of Taunton. (Old Colony hist. soc. Coll. 1889. no 4, p. 51-65)

  • p. 38 Thomas Leonard, Marriages in Taunton, 1684-1713, solemnized by Maj. Thomas Leonard. Reprinted from Bristol Co. Telegram, Nov. 20, 1858. (New Eng. reg. July 1859, v. 13, p. 251-255)

  • p. 56 H.C. Leonard, Pigeon Cove and vicinity, Boston, 1873. 193 p.

  • p. 191 M.H. Leonard, Old Rochester and her daughter towns. (New Eng. mag 1 July 1899. new ser. v. 20, p. 612-635)

  • p. 191 George Leonard, Marshfield 60 years. A lecture delivered...April 23, 1872. Boston, 1872. 25p.

Biographical Review of Broome County

  • p. 536-537 Miles Leonard, born at Nichols, Tioga County, New York, Dec. 19, 1849, a son of Peter Leonard and Esther Courtwright. Miles married Josephine Swartwood in 1870 and they had one child, Lena Leonard.

Root Genealogical Records, 1600-1870 p. 239

  • p. 239 Freelove Sophronia Root, daughter of Josiah Leonard and Freelove Case of Kingsborough, New York, married James Root, son of Josiah Root. They had a child before she died and James remarried to Anna maria Fosdick.

  • p. 318 Thomas Roote, son of John of Farmington, CT, and Westfield, MA, married 3rd to the widow of Josiah Leonard, Sarah (Dumbleton), daughter of John Dumbleton. She died Jan. 3, 1694.

  • p. 321 John Root, son of Thomas, b. Dec. 25, 1676, at Westfield, MA, married Mary Leonard, daughter of Josiah Leonard, in 1703. They had 13 children. John died in 1744 and Mary died May 3, 1766.

  • p. 427 Tryphena Root, daughter of Joseph, married Calvin Leonard. They had three children.

  • p. 435 Cynthia Catherine Root, daughter of Azariah, married in 1833 to Horatioo N. Leonard. They lived in Sheffield, Mass.

  • p. 495 William Ezekiel Root, son of Stephen, married Harriet Leonard.

American Ancestry Vol 2, Columbia County, 1887, p. 72

  • Charles R. Leonard, of New Lebanon; son of Eleazer of New Lebanon (m. 1837 Delaney Cornell); son of Eleazer Cary Leonard; son of Caleb (?) Leonard, one of three brothers who came from Europe and settled in Massachusetts about 1760.

History of the 9th New York Heavy Artillery, Part 2, by Alfred Seelye Roe, 1899.

  • p. 575 Unassigned recruits Charles R. Leonard, 29; Jan 28, 1864, Cortland

  • p. 510 Company E, Elijah T. Leonard, Aug. 14, 1862, Auburn; Sept 8; Corp. Oct 2, 1863; Seargent, July 30, 1864, M.O., July 6, 1865.

  • p. 510 Company E., Isaac Leonard, 20, Aug. 5, 1864, Groton; Aug. 5, one year; died Oct 28, 1864 from wounds received at Cedar Creek Oct. 19, 1864.

History of the 27th regiment N.Y. vols. Being a record of its more than two years of service in the war for the union, from May 21st, 1861 to May 31st, 1863. With a complete roster, and short sketches of commanding officers. Also, a record of experience and suffering of some of the comrades in Libby and other Rebel prisons, by Fairchild, 1888.

  • p. 261 - Company "B", Discharged for Disability: Ambrose Leonard, 19, discharged April 5, 1862

  • p. 264 - Company "C", Privates: Charles R. Leonard, mustered Oct. 12, 1861

  • p. 266 - Company "C", Deserted: Theodore M. Leonard, 20, Sergeant, deserted Oct. 2, 1861.

  • p. 268 - Company "D", Discharged for Disability: Gilbert Leonard, 19, mustered Oct. 12, 1861, disch'd Feb. 18, 1862.

Vital Records of Hinsdale, Massachusetts, to the year 1850 p. 54. Marriages:

  • Bartlett Leonard and Hannah Chapman of Pittsfield 1815

  • Charles W. Leonard of Middlefield and Serepta E. Herring 1844/1845

  • Edmond D. Leonard of Middlefield and Elizabeth H. Remington 1829

  • Lucina Leonard of Middlefield and Joseph A. Lyman, Jr. 1836

  • Milton D. Leonard and Emeline Olds of Middlefield 1839

  • Pelatiah Leonard and Esther N. Delano 1815

  • Capt. Simeon Leonard and Cynthia Moor of Middlefield 1811

Vital Records of Hinsdale, Massachusetts, to the year 1850 p. 84. Deaths:

  • Capt. Simeon Leonard Apr 9, 1840 age 74

  • William Leonard of Middlefield, son of William W. and Lucina C. Leonard, died Oct 25, 1846 age 29 yrs 2 mo

  • Mrs. Leonard, died Feb 14, 1811 age 18

  • ___ Leonard died Aug 21, 1809 age 39 w. Simeon (?)

Vital records of Millbury, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849:

  • p. 34. Births: John Smith Leonard, son of Samuel S. Leonard and Eliza, Dec. 28, 1830, Millbury.

  • p. 96. Marriages: Andrew Leonard and Hepzibah Richardson, int. May 15, 1830

  • p. 96. Marriages: Meshack W. Leonard and Clementina Marcy (or Marcey) of Southbridge, int. Nov. 3, 1844

  • p. 145. Deaths: Seth Leonard, died Feb. 24, 1834 age 28

Alphabetic Index for Granary Burying Ground, Boston, Massachusetts p.25:

  • Alexander Lenard died 1730/12/27 Location: G/B 744

  • Eunice Leonard died 1748/12/1 Location: G/C-245

  • Jonas Leonard (no date) Location: G/B 465

  • Jonas Leonard died 1757/10/13 G/B-553

  • Marriage: April 24, 1840 Peter Leonard and Catharine Delenbach

  • Membership: Oct. 2, 1835 Mary Leonard, by examination

  • Membership: April 26, 1839 Abigail Leonard, by letter from Skaneateles

Vital Records of Worthington, Massachusetts, to the year 1850: (Dozens of Leonards)

Vital Records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the year 1850

  • Anne Leonard, daughter of Asa and Olive Leonard, born Sept. 16, 1788 p. 33

  • Levi Leonard, son of Asa and Olive Leonard, born July 5, 1790 p. 33

  • Solomon Leonard, son of Asa and Olive Leonard, born Nov. 23, 1784 p. 33

  • Lucy Leonard ("Leanard"), daughter of Asa and Olive Leonard, born Jan. 3, 1787 p. 33

  • John D. Leonard of Suffield, CT, married Semantha Hemingway of Suffield, CT, April 4, 1844, at State Line. p. 69

A Genealogical Register of the descendants in the male line of Robert Day, of Hartford, Conn., who died in the year 1648, by George Edward Day, 1815-1905:

  • p. 14 Three daughters of Ebenezer Day of West Springfield (son of Thomas Day) married Leonard men. They were: Sarah Day, b. Nov. 3, 1709, married Josiah Leonard, Feb. 25, 1730, Miriam Day, b. Mar. 4, 1718, married Reuben Leonard, and Elinor Day, born Dec. 10, 1725, married Jonathan Leonard, Feb. 24, 1746.

  • p. 17 Hannah Day, a daughter of Joseph Day of West Springfield (son of John day), married Oliver Leonard on Oct. 10, 1771. She was born on Nov. 14, 1750.

  • p. 22 Polly Leonard married Elijah Day of West Springfield. He died in Delaware County, New York in 1799, at the age of 45.

  • p. 23 Abigail Leonard married Jacob Day, on Aug. 20, 1778. Then, abt. 1803 they moved to Chester, Mass. and then to Moravia, New York, where he died in 1816. His wife died in Chester in 1814.

  • p. 28 Cyrus Leonard married Bede Day, daughter of Edmund Day, Dec. 4, 1817.

  • p. 33 Rowley Leonard married Clarissa Day, daughter of James Day and Asenath Ely. Clarissa was born July 22, 1791 and died July 20, 1845.

  • p. 70 Lucy Day, daughter of Abraham Day, II, of Chester, Mass. and Irene Jackson, married John Leonard of West Springfield, April 4, 1814. Lucy was born Nov. 28, 1773.

  • p. 88 Almira Day, daughter of Nathaniel Day III, of Northampton, Mass. and Achsah Strong, married William Leonard of Ashfield.

Descendants of Ralph Chapman, by Charles B. Gerard, 1876:

  • p. 11 Colonel James Leonard had a forge at Rochester, Massachusetts. He had a daughter named Rebecca (1657-1736) who married in 1678 to Isaac Chapman of Marshfield, Mass. (1647-1737). They moved to Barnstable. Read more on p. vii. They had nine Chapman children.

  • p. 245 Abigail Leonard, (widow of Elijah Leonard ?) died 1820, age 46 (Congregational Church record)

  • p. 67 Anna Adams Leonard, dau. of Elijah and Abigail Leonard, born May 1794

  • p. 67 Augustus Leonard, son of Augustus and Cynthia Leonard, born Apr 1799

  • p. 67 Carlos Leonard, son of Augustus and Cynthia Leonard, born 1791

  • p. 130 Carlos Leonard married Nancy Boyden in 1824 (see also p. 165)

  • p. 67 Cynthia Leonard, dau. of son of Augustus and Cynthia Leonard, born 1808

  • p. 130 Cynthia Leonard married Leicester L. Boyden, both of Conway, in 1826

  • p. 67 Elijah Leonard, son of Elijah and Abigail Leonard, born 1801

  • p. 67 Harriot Leonard, dau. of Augustus and Cynthia Leonard, born 1797

  • p. 165 Harriot Leonard married Elijah Stebbins, both of Conway in 1818 (see p. 187)

  • p. 67 James Maddison Leonard, son of Augustus and Cynthia Leonard, born 1810

  • p. 67 Leicester Leonard, son of Elijah and Abigail Leonard, born 1799

  • p. 67 Mary Leonard, dau. of Roger and Jane Leonard, born 1800

  • p. 165 (match?) Mary Leonard married David Mellen of Prescott in 1824 (see p. 169)

  • p. 67 Moses Hayden Leonard, son of Elijah and Abigail Leonard, born 1796

  • p. 68 Russel Leonard, son of Augustus and Cynthia Leonard, born 1801

  • p. 245 Russell Leonard died Aug 17, 1803 from dysentary. Burial at Howland Cemetery.

  • p. 68 Silvester Leonard, son of Augustus and Cynthia Leonard, born 1795

  • p. 245 Sylvester Leonard died Aug 18, 1803 from dysentary. Burial at Howland Cemetery.

  • p. 68 Sylvester Russel Leonard, son of Augustus and Cynthia Leonard, born 1804

  • p. 68 William White Leonard, son of Elijah and Abigail Leonard, born 1792

  • p. 134 William W. Leonard married Lovina Carey of Williamsburgh in 1813 (see also p. 165)

  • p. 103-104 Polly Leonard of Savoy married Elijah Wait Jr. of Conway in 1806. Their children born: Electa Wait in 1808, Julia Wait in 1818, Lucinda Wait in 1816, Mary Wait in 1813, Sally Wait in 1806, Samuel Wait in 1811, and William Wait in 1824. (see also p. 165)

  • p. 134 Rebekah Leonard married Richard Caton, both of Conway, in 1784

  • p. 136 Roger Leonard married Jane Clark of Belchertown in 1799 (see p. 165)

  • p. 143 Nehemiah Leonard married Ruth Dinsmore

  • p. 157 Elijah Leonard married Abigail Hayden, both of Conway in 1791 (see also p. 165)

  • p. 165 Nehemiah Leonard, Jr. and Ruth Dinsmore, both of Conway, married 1827

  • p. 165 Theodore Leonard and Elisabeth Packard, both of Conway, married 1798

  • p. 245 Roger Leonard died at age 63 in 1823 from dropsy

  • p. 245 Russel B. Leonard, son of Theodore and Eunice Leonard, died in 1849 at age 3. Burial at Howland Cemetery.

  • p. 245 Lewis B. Leonard, son of Theodore and Eunice Leonard, died in 1849 age 4 months (?). Burial at Howland Cemetery.

  • p. 148 Limus Leonard of Sterling married Martha Jane Ames on March 23, 1830

  • p. 148 Richard Leonard married Phebe Ellenwood on Jan. 7, 1836

  • p. 148 Richard Leonard, son of Phineas and Phebe Leonard) married Sarah Murdock on May 24, 1848

  • p. 203 Alfred C. Leonard, son of Richard and Phebe Leonard, died on Oct. 25, 1840, age 13 months. Burial at Pine Grove Cemetery.

  • p. 204 George E. Leonard, son of Richard and Phebe Leonard, died on Oct. 23, 1840, age 3. Burial at Pine Grove Cemetery.

  • p. 204 Phebe (Ellenwood) Leonard, wife of Richard Leonard, daughter of Justus and Sophia Ellenwood), died Jan. 18, 1846, age 28 years, 6 months, 12 days, from consumption

  • p. 89 Asa Leonard, son of Seth and Deborah Leonard, baptised Apr 24, 1742 (Congregational)

  • p. 92 Mary Leonard, wife of David Mellen, died Dec. 15, 1800

  • p. 151 Tabitha Leonard married Eliakim Arms, Jr. on Feb 16, 1792 (see also p. 207)

  • p. 206 Sarah Leonard married Joshua Pumry on May 1, 1700

  • p. 207 Patty Leonard married Elihu Smith on Jan. 19, 1809

  • p. 207 Rebekah Leonard of Sunderland married Ebenezer Stebbins in Sunderland, May 19, 1785.

  • p. 231 Patty Leonard married Elihu Smith, Jan. 19, 1809.

  • p. 298 Henry Leonard died on Jan. 4, 1848, age 20 years.

  • p. 27 "...that William Leonard, Jun. of Plymouth, in the county of Plymouth, son of Nathaniel Leonard, Esq. of Taunton, in the county of Bristol, shall be allowed to take the name of William B. Leonard".

  • p. 39 "...Zadoc Leonard, of New Bedford, in the county of Bristol, cabinet maker, shall be allowed to take the name of William Henry Leonard".

  • p. 65 "...that Serenia Curtis of Raynham, in said county of Bristol, may take the name of Serenia Leonard".

  • p. 106 "...Franklin B. Leonard, of Middlefield, may take the name of Franklin B. Ely".

  • p. 111 "...George Leonard, 3rd, of Middleborough, may take the nam eof George Savery Leonard".

  • p. 126 "...Ellen Eliza Leonard, of Conway, minor, may take the name of Ellen Leonard Childs".

  • p. 133 "Josiah Hamilton Leonard, of Peru, a minor, may take the name of Josiah Hamilton Butts".

  • p. 154 Original name: Sarah Anna Leonard - Decreed name: Sarah Anna Leonard Howe, Dec. 13, 1859, Cambridge, Worcester County.

  • p. 185 Original name: Edgenora Augusta Potter - Decreed name: Edgenora Augusta Leonard, Jan. 17, 1868, Taunton, Bristol County.

  • p. 199 Original name: Mary Elizabeth Leonard - Decreed name: Gertrude Maud Melville, Nov. 4, 1872, Boston, Suffolk County.

  • p. 220 Original name: John Valentine - Decreed name: George J. Leonard, Mar. 17, 1876, Taunton, Bristol County.

  • p. 225 Original name: Ada Medora Carrier - Decreed name: Ada Medora Leonard, Jan. 12, 1877, Taunton, Bristol County.

  • p. 246 Original name: Fanny Leonard - Decreed name: Bertha Louisa Blake, Nov. 16, 1881, Franklin, Norfolk County.

  • p. 250 Original name: Clara Bell Barton - Decreed name: Clara Bell Leonard, Sept. 19, 1882, Hubbardston, Worcester County.

  • p. 250 Original name: Henry Francis Barton - Decreed name: Henry Francis Leonard, Sept. 19, 1882, Hubbardston, Worcester County.

  • p. 253 Original name: Emma Christina Leonard - Decreed name: Winifred Hopkins Moore, Feb. 5, 1883, Boston, Suffolk County.

  • p. 54 Benjamin Loomis, b. Sept. 5, 1750, married Lucy Leonard of Springfield, Nov. 21, 1771. He removed to Remsen, Oneida County, New York, and died in 1814. She died in 1827.

  • p. 144 George Leonard married Sophronia Loomis on March 1, 1827. She was born Dec. 28, 1800, daughter of Wait Loomis, Revolutionary Soldier of Torrington, and Sarah Stone. (See p. 74).

  • p. 216 Volney Leonard married Helen G. Loomis on Oct. 6, 1851, at Roseville, Cal. She was born Mar. 13, 1833, daughter of Selden Loomis of Conneaut, Ohio.

  • p. 296 Wealthy Leonard married Charles Leonard Loomis in Florence, Mass. He was born on June 27, 1828, son of William Loomis of Whately, Mass.

  • p. 308 Phoebe A. Leonard married Robert Loomis on Nov. 28, 1850. He was born June 7, 1829, the son of Caleb Loomis of Moodus, Connecticut. He died in 1864 without children in Tennessee.

  • p. 402 Franklin Leonard married Charlotte Loomis in East Troy, Pa. She was born in 1831, daughter of Ely Loomis of East Troy, Pa.

  • p. 1184 Nancy Leonard married Samuel Caswell on March 24, 1816. She was born Aug 27, 1793, and died Dec 7, 1884. Samuel was born feb 3 or 13, 1795 and died Sept 14, 1875.

  • p. 1304 Elizabeth Perkins, born 1707, married Solomon Leonard. She was the daughter of David Perkins and Martha Howard.

  • p. 1341 The pedigree of James Leonard, iron master of Lynn and Taunton, Massachusetts is given in two consecutive entries, with variations. In the first, the lineage is as follows: John Leonard of Knole > His son, John > His son, Samson > His son, Henry > his son, Richard > his son, Thomas > his son, James

  • p. 1342 In the second account, Descendants of Henry Leonard of Pontypool, Wales. The line of James Leonard, is given as follows: Henry Leonard > his son, Thomas > his son, James.

  • p. 1373 Lydia Leonard, daughter of "James Leonard of Taunton and Raynham", married William Britton on Oct 26, 1698 at Taunton. Lydia was born March 10, 1679 and died May 20, 1735.

  • p. 1433 Mary Leonard married first to Mr. Newton who died before she married her second husband, David Brigham, on Aug. 21, 1709. Mary died on Dec. 1, 1741, and David married again.

  • p. 1587 Elizabeth Leonard married in 1787 to John Morton, son of Ichabod Morton. They named named one of her sons James Leonard Morton.

  • p. 6 Mrs. Ann Leonard admitted as member of church at Granville, Washington County, NY, 1824.

  • p. 37 Henry Leonard and Ann Leonard were both members of the church at Granville 1837.

  • p. 190 Edward Leonard married Mrs. Ada Cook, Nov. 20, 1878.

  • p. 232 Elizabeth Leonard married John Williams, April 15, 1813, at First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY.

  • p. 184 Helen Lincklaen Leonard was baptized at First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY, May 11, 1803.

  • p. 22 Henry Leonard - Admitted to the church at Granville 1831.

  • p. 184 James Leonard was baptized at First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY on Feb. 26, 1809.

  • p. 184 Joshua Leonard was baptized at First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY, on Jan. 13, 1805.

  • p. 423 Julia Leonard married Elisha Miller, Mar. 19, 1789 at Ballston Center Presbyterian Church in Ballston Centery, Saratoga County, New York.

  • p. 56 Mrs. Margaret Leonard from Ellington, Connecticut, died 1816. She became a member of the First Presbyterian church of Cazenovia, Madison County, New York, in 1799.

  • p. 154 Mrs. Margaret Leonard died at age 68 years. Published in "The Minerva", a New York City paper printed on Dec. 6, 1823.

  • p. 184 Margaret Leonard was baptized at First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY, in 1801.

  • p. 376 Mary Leonard was a member of Old School Baptist Church in Warwick, Orange County, New York, in 1790. She was admitted by baptism.

  • p. 383 Moses Leonard of Milton was admitted in 1794 to the Baptist Church of Christ in Providence, Saratoga County, New York.

  • p. 89 Parcy Leonard was the 5th daughter of William Hincher of Gates New York. She was named in his will, probated 1817. Northampton affiliation possible. (Early Monroe County Wills and Settlements of Estates, filed at Batavia, before Monroe County was formed in 1821)

  • p. 19 Susan Leonard married Pearl Mision at Providence, Rhode Island on Mar. 27, 1848. He was born in Canada East and she was born in Lower Canada. Witnesses Henry Wood and Orrin W. Fisk.

  • Franklin Leonard, born at Feeding Hills, Agawam, Mass. on Oct. 29, 1843, married Sarah Lee Smith, daughter of Henry B. Smith and descendant of Cotton Mathew. (portrait illustration)


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