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Lloyd John Reese on the census

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Lloyd John Reese went by the name of John Reese. On the census in 1920, his name was written “Loyd J. Reese”. He was 9 years old and living on Levanna Road in Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, with his parents, four sisters, and three brothers. They were also counted there on the 1925 New York State Census. (Click here to view the 1920 and 1925 Census).

John was three days short of 19 years old when he was counted on the census was taken on the 18th of April, 1930. He was a Lodger in the home of Raymond & Edna Polhanius in Lansing, Tompkins County, New York. The 1930 census was taken on the very same day he married Mary Esther Harvey. She was born on the 16th of March, 1910, in Newark Valley, Tioga County, New York, a daughter of Newman A. Harvey and Gertrude E. Shirley. She lived with her family in Dryden in 1920 and in Groton in 1930. At her home in Groton, the census was taken on 14 Apr 1930, four days before she married John.

In 1940 John was working on the Webb farm in Groton, Tompkins County, New York. When the census was taken, Mary’s sister, Bessie, “a preacher”, her son, Charles, and Ruth Cook, also a preacher, were living in the home with them and their sons.


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