Lost River Caverns, Hellertown, PA

Updated: Jan 23

My visit to Lost River Caverns was my first time experiencing a cave tour. I was amazed at this underground marvel. It was a lot to take in during the 20-30 minute tour but I snapped tons of pictures because I love art and, to me, nature is the best art out there. I've always stood in awe of the sky and it's continually changing canvas, the patterns and colors in flowers and plants, rivers, lakes, mountains, the beaches and seas, and now I am equally amazed at the subterranean beauty of caverns like this one. Watch the video below for a closer look.

This 1200' x 80' cavern wasn't discovered until 1883 when a limestone quarry that was being mined at the site cut into it. It was originally named Rentzheimer's Cave and Lost Cave. The "Lost River" flows through the cavern. The name is fitting since the source of the water has yet to be identified. It has only one entrance.

The temperature is 52-degrees Fahrenheit in the cavern year-round. Calcite is commonly found in limestone caverns like this one. Flowstone is seen on the ceiling. Speleothems such as stalactites and stalagmites are numerous.

Outside the cavern you may walk the Nature Trail, which explains some of the geological features of the region and facts about caves. There is also a station for gem panning and visitors can try their hand and luck at finding a valuable souvenir. There is a museum, rock shop, jewelry shop, and picnic area too.

If you are in the Lehigh Valley and have an hour or two to spare, I would recommend seeing the Lost River Caverns for yourself. They are open year-round every day, except Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day. They are located at 726 Durham Street, Hellertown, Pennsylvania.

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