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Lucy P. Mayo and Frank E. Hunt

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Lucy P. Mayo was a daughter of Oscar & Lycenia Mayo, and a younger sister to Lydia (Mayo) Decker. Lucy was born on May 8, 1876, and married Frank E. Hunt, with whom she was photographed below.

Frank and Lucy Hunt had seven known children - six girls and one boy:

  • Iva L. Hunt lived from 1896-1978

  • Charles Hunt lived from 1898-1968

  • Annie S. Hunt was born in 1901

  • Eunice Hunt Miller was also born in 1901

  • Bessie May Hunt lived from 1906-1997

  • Frances Ethel Hunt lived from 1909-2004

  • Rose A. Hunt lived from 1912-1994

Lucy's death certificate can be found here.

The daughters shown here have yet to be identified. If you know which daughters are which, please comment below.

Rose Hunt is shown here. Do her characteristics appear similar to those of the youngest girl in the photograph above? Comment below! (Both photos courtesy of James H. Dickinson).


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