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Moses and Elisha Leonard of Barton, New York

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

​​"About the year 1791, a Mr. Aikens settled upon a tract of 900 acres near Barton village, which Gilbert Smith subsequently purchased and occupied. Mr. Smith afterward became the supervisor of the town.

At about this time Charles Bingham, Layton Newell, Lyon C. Hedges, Phillip Crans, Justus Lyons, John Manhart, and Moses and Elisha Leonard, settled on Shephard's creek. These were principally from New England, and were among the most industrious and worthy people and many of their descendants now reside in that valley particularly at "Lockwood" until within the past two years called "Binghams Mills" in honor it its early settlers.

In 1796 Mr. John Shepard purchased of General Thomas, of Westchester county, N.Y., 1,000 acres of land at five dollars per acre, extending along the State line from Shepard's creek at Factoryville, near the 59th mile stone, to 60th mile stone; thence across the north end of Spanish Hill to the Chemung river, and from the Narrows across the mountain beyond Shepard's creek; thence down to the State line again, embracing Waverly, Factoryville, and many fine localities back of the villages. This tract was an entire wilderness at this time, except the flats and a few..."

Waverly Advocate 2-5-1885

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Note: No relationship has been established between Charles Russell Leonard and Moses and Elisha Leonard.

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Barton, New York


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