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The amazing life of Edward Hazard Jr.

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

In the book "History of Susquehanna County", by Emily C. Blackman, 1873, information about Edward Hazard is given on page 277 as follows:

Rev. H.C. Hazard, now sixty-five years of age, gave in 1870, the following items respecting his father, Edward Hazard: -

"Fifty-eight years ago last March, my father, with his family, moved from Otsego County, N.Y., down the Susquehanna River to where Windsor Village now stands, and over the Oghquago Mountains to Great Bend, via Taylortown; crossed the river in a scow, thence down the south side of the river to the mouth of Snake Creek, and up the creek two miles, where he located in an almost unbroken wilderness. The wolves were our nearest neighbors, especially at night. I saw one in the daytime within ten rods of the house, where a beef had been dressed the day before. My father used to kill as many as forty deer in a year; the hides furnished clothing and the carcasses meat. There was not a school-house from Binghamton to Montrose, and a meeting-house I had never seen. The first school-house was built where is now Brookdale, on Snake Creek, at my father's instigation; and he, being a carpenter and joiner, built the house, and afterwards taught the first school. I went to Binghamton to the grist-mill with my father in a canoe, some fifty years ago, when it was a wilderness where half or two-thirds of the city now stands; however, we usually got our grinding done at Josiah Stewart's, where McKinney's mill now stands. Great Bend was our point of trade."

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