The burial place of John & Hannah (Conrad) Hollenbeck

In a recent blog, I shared a video and photos of my visit to Willet Cemetery. It was the burial place of my 3rd great-grandparents, Nicholas and Lucy (Shevalier) Hollenbeck as well as Lucy's mother, Joanne (Huntley) Shevalier Campbell. Click here to see the blog.

What I was forgetting during that visit, or the connection I failed to recognize, is that Nicholas' parents are also buried there - my 4th great-grandparents, John Hollenbeck and his wife, Hannah (Conrad) Hollenbeck. Of course I had to take another trip to find their graves! I got my sister to go with me this time. We knew it must be in the older section of the cemetery, closest to the church, and sure enough, she found them!

John and Nancy are buried beside their daughter, Nancy Hollenbeck, who predeceased both of them. Notice, Nancy died in 1852 and on her grave the name is spelled "HALENBECK". Hannah died four years later, in 1856, and on her stone, the name was spelled "HOLLENBECK". John died in 1864 and his name is also spelled "HOLLENBECK".

Their son (my 3rd great-grandfather) Nicholas Hollenbeck's grave is decorated with a G.A.R. emblem, indicating he was a soldier of the Civil War (1861-1865). If John Hollenbeck died in 1864, he probably died while his son Nicholas was off fighting the war. He was 87 years old.

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