The home of Albert Strong

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Albert Strong was born on April 22, 1819, either in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, or in Connecticut. Discrepancies have been found. Perhaps his parents came from Connecticut to Pennsylvania. More information about his ancestry will follow in tomorrow's blog.

The red portion of the map below shows the location of Wyoming County, just west of Scranton in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In 1843, his daughter Ann Azuba Strong was born, reportedly in Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Asylum is about 5 miles north of Terry, where the family was counted on the census in 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880.

An 1869 map of New Era, Terry Township, Pennsylvania, can be found at, showing "A. Strong", presumably Albert Strong, living between New Era and Terry on what appears to be known as Rienze Road in Wyalusing today.

This map shows Rienze Road with the red marker marking the approximate location based on my estimation, comparing it to the map below, showing the location. Also, notice the cemetery down the road (south) by dragging the map upwards a couple inches:

The following is the excerpt from the 1869 map for comparison, linking to the map itself. See the location of the residence of "A. Strong" on the south side of the road.

Anyone with information about the Strong's or photos of the Strong's home or the present location, please share!

See more Albert Strong here.

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