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Trip to England 1931 (home video)

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Harry Dickinson and his daughter, Emma, took a three month trip to England in 1931 to visit cousins in Dewsbury. They traveled on the White Star Line's MV Brittanic , which had taken it's maiden voyage two years prior. It was the third ship to bear the name Brittanic. "She was the last of three White Star Line ships called Britannic. The first Britannic was a steamship launched in 1874 and scrapped in 1903. The second was launched in 1914, completed as the hospital ship HMHS Britannic and sunk by a mine in 1916." [Wikipedia] Emma would have been delighted to know that this ship was used as a troop ship during World War II. She was a big supporter of the troops during World War I, as can be seen in her 1919 diary.

Harry and Emma's week long voyage ended on August 9, 1931, when they arrived at Liverpool. The passenger list can be seen here, along with a photo of the ship:

Ship photo by Unknown - [1], Public Domain,

They left Liverpool on the same ship on November 9, 1931, and returned to the Port of New York (Ellis Island) a week later, on November 16. The ship manifest can be viewed or purchased at Ellis Island's website here.

Harry and Emma brought back this film to share and after almost 80 years it was transferred from the old reels to digital video. The quality isn't great, but the footage is priceless. Clips from Switzerland also included.

For more about the Dickinsons see the Dickinson page.


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