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Underhill connection to Mayo family

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

UNDERHILL Arms - Argent, a chevron sable, between three trefoils, slipped vert. Crest - On a mount vert, a hind lodged or.

According to "The Underhill and Townsend families: a historical sketch", "Among those who came to Boston in the Pilgrim ships with Governor Winthrop was Captain John Underhill, on April 7, 1630, under an agreement to train the militia of this new settlement and make plans for public protection. Captain John Underhill was to this Colony what Miles Standish was to Plymouth." Read more:

This Underhill line is before the time of Hannah Saloma Underhill, born in 1828, mother of Oscar Mayo. She married Raymond H. Mayo of Albany, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Raymond and Hannah are buried in New Era Cemetery in New Era.

Raymond and Hannah were the parents of Oscar Mayo, father of Lydia Mayo. Lydia Mayo married Charles Decker and had several children including Delaphina (a.k.a. Mary) Decker, who married William Henry Dickinson. Anyone with information on Hannah's family, please share! Comment below or contact me.


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