Virtual Tour of Plimouth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Updated: Jan 28

In November 2020, it will be 400 years since the landing of the Mayflower at Cape Cod. It is a special time for Plymouth, Massachusetts, where thousands of people plan to visit for the quatercentenary.

One of the major tourist destinations is "Plimoth Plantation", the village established by the Pilgrims upon arrival in 1620. Unfortunately, the plantation is closed due to coronavirus as of April. Hopefully operations will resume in time for the town's scheduled events and celebrations.

If we can't visit, at least we can tour the plantation and most of Plymouth on Google Maps. Use the interactive map below to take your own virtual tour. Tap or click on the arrows to navigate and have a look around. You may end up inside one of the homes, where you can get a peek into what life was like for our Pilgrim ancestors at Plymouth.

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