Welsh Kings

Updated: Jan 23

Wales has a long and complex history of which countless volumes surely have been written. A brief summary is all I can offer here at this time.

The country consisted of several independent kingdoms until the Conquest of Wales, which was completed in 1282.

Deheubarth was the largest kingdom of Wales, and for centuries it was ruled by the Rhys (Reese) and Gruffydd (Griffith) monarchy. The illustration above is a portrayal of Rhys ap Gruffydd (1155–1197).

Rulers of Deheubarth:

For more information, see the Wikipedia page from which much of this information and the map was contributed. A complete list of rulers including those of Ceredigion, Dyfed, Seisyllwg, Gwynedd, Aberffraw, Snowdon, Morgannwg (Glywsing and Gwent), and Powys is available there.

Claddagh rings, shown at right, are a Celtic Irish symbol. The hands symbolize friendship, the heart symbolizes love, and the crown symbolizes loyalty.

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