In memory of Sophronia Burrill, my Paternal 4th Great-Grandmother on the LEONARD branch.


  • 1850 U.S. Federal Census Genoa, Cayuga, NY
  • 1855 New York State Census Locke, Cayuga, NY
  • 1860 U.S. Federal Census Springport, Cayuga, NY
  • 1865 New York State Census Union Springs, Cayuga, NY
  • 1875 New York State Census Springport, Cayuga, NY
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Sophronia Burrill

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1812 (est.)

New York


1830 or earlier

New York (probably)



1883 Dec 3

Moravia, Cayuga, New York

Union Springs, Cayuga, New York


Sophronia was the wife of Russell Leonard. Family tradition gives her last name as Burrill. Her birthdate has yet to be found. In 1855, her age was reported as 43, which would make her born abt. 1812. Other records imply she was born 1815. Conflicting reports on here birthplace are given. On the 1855 census, Chenango County is given, on 1865 "can't tell" and on the 1875 census, Broome County is given as her birthplace. The 1865 census shows she was twice married and had 11 children. She was recently widowed. In 1875, she was living alone in Springport, NY. The only proof of her connection to Joshua Burrill is my DNA results.


Russell said goodbye to Sophronia in November of 1833 with the intention of buying land in Michigan Territory. When he hadn't returned after five months, Sophronia placed a missing persons ad in the paper in May of 1834 but what became of Russell is unknown. She eventually remarried to Thomas Knapp and had several children with him. They moved to Locke, Cayuga County, New York, around April of 1855. Both Thomas and at least two of her sons enlisted and fought in the Civil War. Her son Dewey, died in the fight. Sophronia died on the 3rd of December, 1883, at Moravia. She was 69 years old and was said to have been buried in Union Springs.


Sophronia Burrill & Russell Leonard were the parents of my ancestor,

Children with Russell Leonard:

  1. Charles Russell Leonard (1830-1908)
  2. Jenette Leonard (1833- ), married Nelson Reynolds and lived in Genoa near her mother in 1850.

Children with Thomas Knapp:

  1. Joseph Knapp (born bet. 1837-1838)
  2. Thomas H. Knapp (born abt. 1838-1839)
  3. Mariah Knapp (born abt. 1841)
  4. Sophia Knapp (born abt. 1843)
  5. Lydia A. Knapp (born abt. 1846)
  6. Dewey Knapp (born abt. 1848, died in the Civil War).
  7. William Knapp (born abt. March 1850), he married Ella Schriver before the 1865 census.
  8. Sophronia Knapp (born abt. 1853)
  9. Arnold Knapp (born Dec. 1854 or Jan. 1855)
Records, photos, and memorabilia pertaining to the life of Sophronia Burrill:
Burrill Coat of Arms

Burrill Coat of Arms

Burrill DNA

Burrill DNA

Charles Russell Leonard census timeline

Charles Russell Leonard census timeline

Russel Leonard missing

Russel Leonard missing

Sophronia Leonard Knapp obituary

Sophronia Leonard Knapp obituary

Sophronia Leonard Knapp timeline

Sophronia Leonard Knapp timeline

Union Springs, New York

Union Springs, New York

William Knapp obituary

William Knapp obituary

DNA Notes:

Match with ellsc and Tamara Smith on Ancestry, descendants of Sophronia Burrill and Thomas Knapp.

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