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Harvey Hill Road in Lapeer, New York (video)

Harvey Hill Road street sign

Newman Harvey was my maternal 4th great-grandfather. He was born abt. 1777 in Rhode Island and came to New York between 1821 and 1824. His family lived in Virgil, part of the Central New York Military Tract, possibly because his father was a soldier of the American Revolution. More details on that later!

Newman was counted on the census in Lapeer, Cortland County, New York, in 1855 and 1860. Prior to that, in 1825, 1830, 1835, and 1840, he was counted on the census in Virgil because Lapeer was formed from part of Virgil in 1845. The population in Lapeer in 2010 was 767 and prohibition is still in effect there. Consuming or possessing alcohol within the boundaries of this old town is prohibited even today.

Newman lived on Harvey Hill, specifically on Harvey Hill Road. You can find it on this historic map just above the "LA" in the name "LAPEER". Another map, showing exactly where Newman and Dennis both lived on Harvey Hill Road in 1855 was posted in my previous blog, found here.

Lapeer, New York
Source: The National Survey, Chester, Vermont

My husband and I recently took a road trip to see Harvey Hill Road. A large section of the hill is covered in solar panels as the State pushes to meet Governor Cuomo's goal of New York producing 70% of it's own energy by 2030. (Source: Cortland Standard, Nov. 30, 2019). Newman's property, on the corner of Harvey Hill Road and Quail Hill Road contains a modern home, barn and stable. Ride along with us and enjoy the view!

On our way to Harvey Hill Road, we passed Quail Hill Cemetery, where at least two of Newman Harvey's children are buried. It may be the place where Newman himself was buried, however no burial record for him has been found. See my previous blog for the video tour of that tiny cemetery.


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