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Kate McGinnis dies of heart failure, 1895

Catherine, also known as Kate (Smith) McGinnis, was my 3rd great-grandmother. She was born in Ireland about 1837 and was in central New York by 1860. She married William McGinnis, also an Irish immigrant, about 1858, and the family lived in Cincinnatus, in Cortland County, New York.

Kate died from heart failure in the middle of a severe snowstorm on February 9, 1895. The New York State Death index reports her death occurred in Cincinnatus, while her brief death notice in the Cortland Standard reports her death under "Texas Valley". She and her family lived in Cincinnatus for decades, but perhaps she died away from home?

From the New York Death Index 1895:

Texas Valley is a town that borders the southwestern edge of Cincinnatus. William's obituary states he lived at "West Hill" in Cincinnatus. The location of their home according to the 1876 Cortland County map is marked with a star in the map shown here.

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