Who was Newman Harvey?

Two of my ancestors bear the name Newman Harvey. My 2nd great-grandfather, Newman A. Harvey, lived 1876 to 1963 and was a son of John "Clark" Harvey and Betsey Stowell. John named his son after his father, Newman Harvey, who lived from about 1777 to 1860.

Newman Harvey, the elder was said to have been born in Rhode Island.

There was a man by the name of Newman Harvey counted on the 1800 census as head of a household in Prince George's, Maryland, with seven others in the home and in 1810 and 1820 there was a household headed by Newman Harvey in Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts. It seems likely that the Stockbridge records pertain to our ancestor, not only because two of his children were reportedly born in Massachusetts, but because there were no other men named Newman Harvey found in America at that time. Furthermore, we know they were in Massachusetts in 1812. Between 1820 and 1821, they moved to Virgil, New York.

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