William & Catharine McGinnis in Saint Patrick's Cemetery (video)

William and Catharine (Smith) McGinnis were Irish immigrants who emigrated to central New York in the mid-1850's. In my previous blog, I shared a video of the road and property they lived on from 1860 until the time of their death. Catharine a.k.a. "Kate" died on February 9, 1895, in Cincinnatus and William died four years later, on February 1, 1899.

Before visiting their former home on Fox Road, I took a trip to their grave site in St. Patrick's Cemetery in Whitney Point, New York. I was disappointed to see that the McGinnis name is barely legible and had it not been for a photo of it shared on Findagrave when it was in better condition, we may have never found it.

Walk through with me to see this cemetery in it's entirety!

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